I remember that part of the countryside was pretty.  However, we were getting into an industrialized area around Strazburg and Munich. I did not take any pictures on this day.

We drove into Munich and went to the big Beer Hall there.  we went in the early afternoon and the place was packed. We got a good table on the patio.  We joked about the buxom waitress.  She would waltz between the tables carrying 4 or 5 ceramic steins of beer in each hand  with plates of sausages, potatoes, etc. balanced on top of them. And to see her put the orders on the table without spilling anything was astounding.  She could have served as a bodyguard for any lineman in the NFL.

From there we drove to the Austrian border and on into Salzburg. Unfortunately we do not have any of the receipts from there. We say a great puppet show to Mozart’s Music.

Then we had supper in a wonderful restaurant, the Peterscheller. Even without receipts I remember it well. To get there we walked by a church and a very old graveyard. There is a big mountain that runs thru the middle of Sazburg.  The restaurant is in a cave at the base of the mountain.  It has been in continual operation under the same management for about 1000 years, monastic order. It is still in operation and from the picture in the website has not changed much since we were there. We had chatuebreau. Great meal.


And then to bed for the night.