We got up early, had breakfast and a last look around and then left to begin our mad dash to the Hook of Holland to turn in the car and board the ferry to England

We took very few pictures and none of them memorable as we drove thru Switzerland.  Beautiful country, but the roads have lots of curves.  It is very hilly there.

We stopped for the night in Liechtenstein. While not cutting corners on expenses as we turned off the road to go to the hotel I turned a wrong corner and ended up with the car facing the wrong way. So I backed up the hill to the Hotel. No traffic and every mile I went took a mile off the distance traveled.  Joan objected – so I went up with the front of the car in front.

At supper I ordered a dry martini.  I was served the most terrible tasting liquid I had ever tasted. The Waiter swore it was a Martini. It works out that there is a company that makes vermoth with that name. After explaining the dry part, I was able to get a glass with gin in it and the wine guy came out to watch as I mixed my Dry Martini. Strange that they did not know what it was.

The next pictures are a map of the country and picture on brochure of the Hotel.

Honeymoon - map Lichtchenstein - June 1966Honeymoon- Liechtenstein - June 1966

And then to bed.  Must have early start tomorrow.