Joan, 1963, Clark's HillDue to astute scheduling the flight we caught out of London, by way of Bermuda, arrived in Bermuda on time. This was, as scheduled, 30 minutes after the flight to the US had left.  Thus we had almost a full day stopover in Bermuda.

We arranged, with the help of a very nice US Customs official (you clear US customs in Bermuda), to stay at a nice bed and breakfast a short water taxi ride across the harbor.

The water was crystal clear, so we went swimming. The people we were staying with  showed us the Yacht Club, a very short walk away, and said that there would be no problems with us having supper there and if there was a question just explain that we were guest of and point to the house. There was no problem and the supper was excellent.

We returned and went to bed for the night.