In Kenya we started out in the south and went North.  From the road we could see Mount Kenya.  The Equator run thru Mt. Kenya.  There was sa sign next to the road that marked the equator. Our guide made a big deal of us stopping and taking our picture next to the sign with Mt. Kenya in the background. When I find the picture I will post it.  Joan was more interested in the Bee-Eater birds that were all over the place and that had nest that look like socks.  There were a lot of the nests hanging from trees/bushes.  the birds were pretty.  The certificate says we crossed the equator on August 26, 1991, but I think it was August 28th.  In truth we crossed the Equator to get to Nairobi, but apparently since we were in an airplane that did not count.

Joan and Ed Cross the Equator in Kenya 1991