Joan organized a performing company of her advanced dancers at the Augusta School of Ballet (it was not restricted to her students and I think at least one Dance did not take from her).  the Ballet Juene performed at various places. In the Summer of 1963 it performed in Savannah, GA.  Joan and the Dancers got to spend time at the beach.

Ha! Toro, Toro - Joan

Ha! Toro

Hot Cha-Off!

Hot Cha Off!



H-u-r-r-y - Joan


Jazz Impromptu

Kip Price: Jazz Impromptu

Joan and Girls

Joan and the Girls (Dancers)

Oh Harry!  Doris, Joan, and Kip

Oh Harry! Joan, Doris Ziegler, and Kip Price

Oh those Sandspurs, Joan and Ballet Jeune Dancers

Oh those Sandspurs! Joan and Ballet Juene Dancers

Tip Toe thru the Tulips - Joan, Doris, and Kip

Tip Toe thru the Tulips

Ugh!, Start at the bottom they said

Ugh!  Start at the Bottom they said.

Whee! Grand Jete - Kip, Joan, and Doris

Whee!  Grand Jete

The Ballet Jeune Goils (aka Dancers)


I had some some slides scanned and touched up at Roby’s – these and our Honeymoon.  Joan had labeled them and put them in the projector boxes – so I used her Labels.

Ballet Jeune was performing a dance in the program to the music of Greensleeves – not just any recording but a particular recording.  Joan forgot the record.  In those days 33 1/3 vinyl records were used (no CDs) and you purchased records at record stores. So Ed left the Girls at the beach and went to record stores in Savannah to find the right record – successfully.  If Ed had failed then Joan would have had to delete that dance from the performance.

It was a fun trip for all.