We got to Paris in the morning, went thru customs and emigration, and got a Taxi to town.  Thanks to Ed’s peerless planning we had not selected a hotel, so we just went to the Champs Elysees.  It was the only street Ed remembered the name of.  The taxi took us to a nice French (not tourist) hotel on a street parallel to the Champs Elysees, and close to most attractions.

We rested, bathed, dressed and went to do the tourist thing.  The order in which we went to places after the first stop is forgotten and Ed did not take pictures of a lot of things that he probably should have.  The first stop was the Eiffel Tower.


It has a restaurant where we ate lunch and then went to the top and looked around Paris.

Joan on Eiffel Tower

Joan on Eiffel Tower 2

The round thing in front of Joan points to various places in Paris so we could know what we were looking at.

Paris from Eiffel Tower June 10, 1966

We wandered around rode the Metro and visited what were supposed to be the places to see.  We saw the Notre Dame Cathedral (on an island in the river that runs thru Paris), walked along the banks or the river (pretty much a canal since the edges were all walled up had walkways along side).

We went to a place called the Crazy Horse Saloon that night.  Interesting floor show.  Tables very crowded together. Food was not very good and overly salty.  You could not get water to drink, only champagne (not very good and overpriced).  Main memory is of being extremely thirsty.