We took the train from Paris to Tours.  We were going to tour the Chateaus in the Loire River Valley.

Honeymoon, train tickets Paris to Tours, June 11, 1966

When we got to Tours, rented a car and headed toward Chambord.

Honeymoon - car rental - Tours - June 11- 13, 1966Ed had the map the Hertz people gave him and a recent copy of National Geographic (that had an article on the region) to guide him, but Joan was very nervous that he did not know what he was doing.  So poor Ed was (Joan thought) lost and going up a country road that lead to who knows where, when behold, there was Chambord.


And a nice Guesthouse/Restaurant  extremely close to Chambord.


So we got a room, walked around a bit, and as we ate supper we watched the sun go down over Chambord.  The bill is below:

Honeymoon, Hotel Saint Michel, Chambord, June 1966

After dark we saw a very good Light and Sound show, which fortunately was in English.