The next morning we toured the inside of Chambord and the grounds.


Then we drove to the Château de Chenonceau, situated on the Cher River.

I am going to start putting in links in case people want to find out more about the places we went. There are a lot of details on the places on the internet.  Of course some things have changed, but amazingly not many changes and the changes are not much.  But I guess for places that are hundreds of years old and maintained as they were that is not strange.




After touring the inside, lots of pictures but the same pictures are on the internet, we drove on.  We next passed the Chateau d”Usse:

The Chateau was a bit away from the road and not open to tourist since people still lived there.  Walt Disney had used it as inspiration for the castle in Sleeping Beauty.  It is a really nice house if you have the staff to clean and maintain it.


Honeymoon - Amboise, June 1966

The link is:

I will not bother to post any pictures since there are better pictures and more detail at the link.

Joan labeled the place below Chevereaux, but Ed could not find a link to it. It was a nice place with great grounds and lots of white doves all over.


And then there was this place.

Honeymoon - Chateau - June 1966

We next drove to Chinon, a really interesting and memorable place.



We stayed at the Hotel Gargantua. Funny story there Ed was always trying to negotiate a reduction in the quoted room rates (and generally succeeded).  So, Joan’s French did not seem to work very good,  Ed used his grunts and hand motions to get a reduction in the room rate.  As the proprietor led us to our room he ask, with a strong New York City accent where we were from. Works out he settled there after WW II and enjoyed our “discussion” very much.  That evening we had the trout at the hotel restaurant. The proprietor’s daughter was the server and using 2 table spoons she filleted the trout without breaking it and leaving no meat on the bones with a flic flic.  A very full and enjoyable day.


The Bill :

Honeymoon - Chinon - Hotel Gargantua, June 12, 1966