We rented a car and left Amsterdam, planning to see Cologne.  When we got to the outskirts of Cologne it impressed us as an industrial town with major traffic problems.  We cold see the steeple on a Cathedral  We decided that we would skip it and continue our drive up the Rhine River.

There is a map below of the area along the Rhine River showing the places we went by.  Sorry about the edges of the map sections not matching, but could not get a better fit.

We went to St. Goar that day and stayed in a Guesthouse across from the Loreli.  St. Goar is right by the Loreli – that is where the Nibelung were that are a feature of German mythology and Wagner’ s Operas.  If you are not interested in the detail, then just scroll down and you can see some of the pictures we took.  We saw most of them but did not stop except at a few.

Rhine map 1Rhine Mat 2Rhine Map 3Rhine Map 4Rhine River 5Rhine map 6Rhine map 7

Barges on Rhine

Barges on the Rhine

Winehaus near Rhine

A Winehaus where we had lunch.


A Rhinesteamer

Two Brothers Castle from Rhinesteamer

View of Two Brothers Castles from the Rhinesteamer. About a thousand years ago there were 2 brothers who did not like each other. They built castles near each other so they could fight, insult each other etc. or so the story goes.

View from Two Brothers Castle

View from a Two Brothers Castle.

Joan atop Two Brothers Castle

Joan on top of Castle.

St. Goar

The Hotel Winzerhaus where we spent the night.

St. Goar - Copy

A postcard from the Hotel with views of the surrounding area.

The Lorilie from the Hotel Winzerhaus

This is a picture taken from the window of our room at the Hotel Winzerhaus.

Honeymoon - Hotel Winzerhaus, St. Goar on Rhine, June 17, 1966

And this is a copy of the hotel bill which Joan had put in the scrapbook she made and kept all these years.