We decided that rather than go camping in Canada this summer we would drive around the United States so that the Spouslings could see the country.  A model for this was Joan’s trip around the United States with her Mother in 1961.  We had a green 1968 Oldsmobile (named Oscar – all cars had to have names) which we parked in the DOE parking lot where Ed would be returning.

The car we made the trip in was “Cookie Monster” a dark blue 1973 Cadillac.  This being the day before we left on the trip we got everything packed and organized.  The plan was to camp when we were at a place for over a day and stay in motels if we would only be stopping for the night.  So we had the “Little Humpbacked Tent”, the Coleman stove, lantern, and other camping equipment as well as the suitcases and ice box in the trunk of the car.  It was loaded.

Inside the car would be the family, including the poodle “Gigi”, pillows, and sandwiches.

The day by day report of the trip was written by Joan every day. The initial posts will be what Joan wrote for that day.  Later pictures of the day will be added to appropriate days.